I lost it in a GINORMOUS pile of leaves!

I am so enjoying this wonderful fall weather, I'm not sure if its the excitement of knowing the holidays are just around the corner, or if it just memories that I cherish of this time of year during my childhood.  As I reminisce about the fall fun I have had in the past...it brings me back to Halloween circa 1976, (yikes I think I am dating myself), my grandfather is prepping to become THE GREAT PUMPKIN.

It's so much fun!  We select the biggest pumpkin and he hooks up the speakers outside & tests his tremendously loud and scariest pumpkin voice to exclaim, "I am the GREAT PUMPKIN...".  What else he said I don't remember.  My grandmother and I stuff little goodie bags full of sweet treats for the trick or treators, while I test out some of the treats to make sure they are not poison.   Oh, and the smell of the leaves as we raked the yard for days, well it seemed like days, to create a GINORMOUS pile that we leapt into from the stone wall on the side of the house.

Uh oh...crying ensues as I realize that I lost my one and only most favoritist ring in the pile of leaves...more tears, more crying, probably some pouting. 

RING NOT FOUND, what a slap in the face to an otherwise outstanding memory. 

Things may be lost but the memories remain...cherish this fall with the ones you love.

What's your favorite fall memory?


Picture:  Free photo 476428 © Jeffrey Mcgough - Dreamstime.com

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